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Why YoWheeL?

All our Yoga wheels are handemade in Austria. So each YoWheeL is unique and has nothing to do with cheap mass products made in China. Also in design and material our wheel differentiates to other "cheaper" providers.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly processing come first. Even our website is developped and operated Co2 neutral.
Of course our YoWhee tree hast he PEFC and FSC certificate!

How do I recognize an original YoWhee YoWheel?

  1. Material: plasticizer-free PVC
  2. our Wheels are much more thicker and stable than other Wheels
  3. With almost 3 kilos it ist he heaviest an stablest Yoga Wheel on the market. Just our YoWhee Tree is not so heavy with almost 2 kilos.

How could plastic be ecologically sustainable?

Plastic is not plastic! Our YoWheeL is made from plasticizer-free PVC, free from hazardous materials and absolutely non-toxic! Free from halogens (as fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine are called), free from lead and heavy metals.

Our YoWheeL is particularly resouce- and environmentally friendly and moreover more economical than other plastics.
What a lot of people do not realize is that plastics, wich are produced in the EU, subject to strict controls. Some countries have virtually no health requirements. You can produce plastic products without any problems there, which would never be produced in Europe this way.

In China f.e. very toxic substances are used for plastic production, those are forbidden in Europe.

Is your YoWheeL vegan?

Definitely they are! Because of producing all by ourselves here in Austria we know in detail what material we use. We choose them carefully, and because of that even the adhesive is vegan!