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What are backbends in Yoga?

Backbends open the heart and support an erectness. The thoracic spine, this ist he part in the middle of the spine, is stretched back. They expend the chest, the luns and the heart region. They help you to activate the thoracic spine and your back muscles are boosted. At the same time regions oft he front of your bode, like thoracic- and abdominal muscles, intercostalmuscles, hernia and the front oft he hamstring muscles are stretched.

Please notice, work slow, conscious, attentive and concentrated. YoWheeL helps you to practise those stretches gentle.

This prevents a contract of the thoracic muscles and helps to not let the shoulders fall off or back.

And additionally the back becomes more flexible, the muscles relaxed, the spine becomes aligned. It activates the shoulders, the hip flexor and quad are stretched.



Effect on your body
In addition to strengthening and stretching, backbends stimulate the thymus gland, which is situated behind the breast bone. It is also referred to as brain oft he body´s defences or as school of the Tlymphocytes oft he immune system.

Backbends make us breath more free and deeper and improve the ventilation oft he upper apices. The oxygen supply of your body will be improved and an intensive backbend work out is like a stimulant.

Energetically backbends activate the heart chakra (Anahata Chakra) and awake energy which is oriented upward.

Because oft he liberating charakter of backbends, old and dammed emotions are able to come to surface and can be solved. Those could be feelings of pleasure and happiness but also injuries, anger and sadness. It is important to realise those feelings, to say good-bye tot hem, to make space for new things and to reach entirely in the here and now.

Because of that backbends are also referred to as heartopener.