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YoWhee YoWhee Tree  -  wood oiled YoWheeL3015HT
YoWhee YoWhee Tree  -  wood oiled YoWheeL3015HT - 1YoWhee YoWhee Tree  -  wood oiled YoWheeL3015HT - 2YoWhee YoWhee Tree  -  wood oiled YoWheeL3015HT - 3YoWhee YoWhee Tree  -  wood oiled YoWheeL3015HT - 4YoWhee YoWhee Tree  -  wood oiled YoWheeL3015HT - 5YoWhee YoWhee Tree  -  wood oiled YoWheeL3015HT - 6YoWhee YoWhee Tree  -  wood oiled YoWheeL3015HT - 7
Hand made in Austria

YoWhee YoWhee Tree - wood oiled

$ 99,90/PCS


Black Pink light blue wood oiled wood natural

Our new YoWhee „Tree“ ist made from multilayered beech wood, natural and oiled!
Handmade in Austria!


  • Beech wood***
  • Very wide bearing surface
  • Very high wall thickness of 2 cm
  • Point load up to 150 kg
  • The YoWhee „Tree“ hast he PEFC and FSC certificate!

Colour: nature/black
Dimenson: 30 cm
Wall thickness 2 cm
Weight: about 2 kg

Extra stability because of a higher wall thickness, improved bearing surface because of a 4,5 mm mat, additional useable as workout tool, no China import.
It supports you in the matter of backbends and stretching the fascia!

**PEFC - our wheels are known to originate from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry. Products with the FSC label assure the use of forests in accordance with the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

For your YoWhee stays nice long:
Don’t use any cleaning supplies, but only warm water and a soft cleaningcloth.

Articlenumber: YoWheeL3015HT

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#yowhee #leggings and original #yowheel ❤️ www.yowhee.eu .
📷 @fitwithlena13
Das war der YoWheel Workshop in Wien! 😍👏🏻❤️www.yowhee.eu
Repost @yogalife_graz ・・・
Oh what an amazing journey I am on... 💜 I had the greatest time with the yogis in Vienna! Opening up, stretching out, and lots of laughing in between 🤗💕😘
Thank you for the lovely hosting @corneliabendl and @r.hendling 🙏🏼❤💜 Love those wheels from @yowhee.eu 😍
#Repost @louuu.j ・・・
💚 already 💚💚💚💚 here with my lovely green yowheel from @yowhee.eu 😍☺👌 my leggings fit perfectly to my wheel..guess what's my favourite colour 😄😉
♡ yowheel, etc. ↠ @yowhee.eu -10% Rabatt mit diesem Code: louuuj ↠www.yowhee.eu ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Searching for #balance 💫 and found it 🙌 with my #yogawheel from @yowhee.eu 💕www.yowhee.eu
find your balance... #yowheel 🌟 www.yowhee.eu @missypinkybell
#Repost @yogalife_graz ・・・
Hello my dear ones 💜 After a long day with an amazing Mantra Yogaclass and concert yesterday, I feel the need for some Yin my life today 😌 So here is window number 16 for you:
Find a comfortable seat and stretch your legs out wide. Not as wide as possible though, only as wide as it feels good 😊
Grab your #yowheel (if you don't have one just take your fingertips to the floor) and start rolling (or walking your fingers) forward and back in a symbiosis with your breath. After a few times just be still for a while and relax into the pose. Enjoy the silence. Breathe. Listen to your inner voice 💜

Shirt by @omshivashakti 
Pants by @ognxyoga 
Wheel handmade by @yowhee.eu 
All available @theyogastore.at